Our work in the Primary stage is to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Consolidate habits, values and knowledge acquired during the Preschool stage of development: Children prepared to learn.
  2. Achieve the academic level established officially by the Department of Education of Catalonia: Competent students.
  3. Expand the official academic level in all subjects and especially in learning the English language: Excellent Students.
  4. Encourage motivation and a taste for learning: Motivated Students.
  5. Learn to get along with others, to respect other ways of thinking, to respect rules of coexistence, to dialogue in order to resolve conflicts, to be socially committed, together with the school, with causes and community: Socially Aware Students.
  6. Help to get to know themselves, to bring the best out in each and every one of them accepting their own limitations and developing a strength of will to overcome them: Students that Self-evaluate.
  7. Favour the development of personal autonomy: Autonomous Students.
  8. Encourage reflection in order to acquire own criteria: Reflective Students.
  9. Reinforce personal identity through learning about our cultural heritage and that of other cultures: Rooted Students.
  10. Develop artistic sensibility in its diverse forms: Creative Students.
  11. Encourage healthy habits through physical exercise and through adequate diet: Healthy Students.
  12. Encourage respect for the environment and the culture of peace while becoming conscious of their own reality in relation to the world they live in: Committed Students.