Throughout the preschool stage we offer and integral education that is characterized by close and careful monitoring of each child and their development; always keeping in mind their individual maturity process.This is an exciting learning stage where the child’s natural curiosity and spontaneity will be given centre stage. Each child will encounter the creative spaces that allow for exploration and discovery and that will activate their imagination.  We will share with them in the joy of growing and developing their own abilities and capabilities.

Together we will discover the talents that make them unique.

Our Preschool Educational Project is based on the following principles and abilities:

  1. The acquisition of principles that will open our windows to the world and accept with hope and respect social and natural gifts guided by the people that love, care and protect us during the preschool years.
  2. We develop our self-esteem every day and in every educational setting, as it favours the personal and emotional balance necessary to lay down the foundation of a satisfying school experience.
  3. Developing good personal habits and following the basic social rules that lead to enjoyment of sharing experiences and the learning process within a group will lead us to our own autonomy and independence.
  4. Social abilities that promote positive interpersonal relationships among our students.
  5. Cognitive development through joyful and positive experiences that will allow us to acquire and assimilate knowledge.

  6. Language development and the possibility to communicate that will lead us to learn and use oral and written language as well as music in English, Spanish and Catalan.
  7. The development of motor skills to discover and control our body’s movement. We learn to enjoy physical activity through discipline and effort.
  8. The development of artistic expression through experiences that enrich and inspire while making use of different resources and techniques. Our motto is: The walls of our school speak.
  9. We develop annual projects that have to do with our world, both near and far, attractive and intriguing and that helps them define their identity as well as the world around them.
  10. During the preschool years we learn to develop and manage emotional intelligence. We share games and experiences that will allow us to develop strategies and abilities that will be of great help to our students in present day society, so full of conflicts that make it necessary to learn to react quickly and efficiently when confronted by them.
  11. New technologies are integrated in the teaching-learning process in the preschool curriculum in all the different content areas, thanks to the programmed digital lessons developed by the faculty.
  12. Our school garden instils in the children a love for the most essential processes that exist in nature. In addition, we promote an eco-friendly school. Our students give their garden their dedication based in love, patience, perseverance, respect and teamwork.
  13.  We take advantage of the rich and varied cultural events that Barcelona has to offer through fieldtrips, outings and holiday festivities.