1. Psycho-pedagogy Department
Our school orientation department monitors students, by working with staff together with families in order to detect and give support to possible learning difficulties and other difficulties.

2. Swimming
This is a termly course throughout the year within the school programme and during the school day. From Preschool 5 until 5th of Primary.

3. Cambridge Exams
Our students obtain the linguistic certification from Primary onwards from the University of Cambridge. CAMBRIDGE RESULTS

4. Allotment Activities
Environmental education guided by specialised personnel. This learning accompanies us in our daily school life that we will put it into practice on school run allotments.

5. Physical Education Programme
Our department has designed a programme where we combine physical education while learning in-line skating, roller hockey, swimming, baseball and skiing.

6. Theatre Project 6th of Primary
This entails the development of a script and its eventual staging.

7. IT skills
We offer software familiarisation in Primary and Secondary combined with SCRATCH- Programming language.

8. Audio-visual Creation
We work on audio visual projects in creation and scripting, production and editing in Secondary.

9. TEI – Peer Tutoring Programme
This is a programme, which allows for good peer interaction in Secondary.

10. School Camps
From Preschool 4 onwards, students participate in overnight extended outings that entail formative, intensive sports or cultural contents specific to each learning stage.