Welcome to John Talabot, a school where every child can find their place.

We are a family-based school with one class per year, which allows us to attend to all the needs of each and every student. The children grow up in a safe and caring environment, which allows them to develop their self-esteem and thus assume their rights and obligations naturally.

We believe that we must respect the stages of development and maturity that each child finds themselves in without forgetting to stimulate and encourage the children to be more and more autonomous at both a personal and academic level.

In the first few years of education our objective is the happiness of our students at school so that they can learn in a relaxed environment from their personal experiences. Primary is the sweet stage in which we can reinforce the interest and motivation in our students for learning. In adolescence we look for a greater level of autonomy and responsibility, in a familiar but demanding environment.

Our trilingual project is the core of our educational project. On top of the academic benefits reaped from growing up in an international environment, our project offers our students a cultural enrichment where learning to coexist with others is the main goal. This coexistence begins with the teaching staff that includes many thatcome from different parts of the Anglo-Saxon world, thus enriching the educational community with their own culture, experience and different ways of expressing their great vocation for education.

The whole team that works at John Talabot School have in common a passion for teaching, values that unify us in our cause and a spirit for sharing experiences with our students. Their emotional and academic wellbeing and their complete development are our priority.

Welcome to John Talabot School

Caterín Triay