DIALOGUE: To be cordial when speaking, make yourself understood and heard. This implies thinking about what we want to say using always good manners.

RESPECT: We have to be able to look around and understand that we have to look after everything that surrounds us. It’s the fundamental basis of getting along with others and it applies to all aspects of life.

RESPONSIBILITY: This implies being conscious of the consequences of our actions

EFFORT: Only with effort can we reach the objectives that we set for ourselves! You have to fight and have willpower.

HONESTY: As a fundamental value that has to do with living, behaving and expressing oneself based on the truth. We have to be genuine and transparent.

HUMILITY: Indispensable condition in order to learn new things and constantly improve ourselves.

CONSISTENCY: There has to be a relation between what we think, say and do. We have to be exemplary.

COOPERATION: We must help each other spontaneously, even with the smallest details. We have to be generous.

ORGANISATION: Knowing how to put everything in its place will help us to move forward and  to grow.

OPTIMISM: We have to be capable of facing difficult situations with a positive attitude and with dialogue, perseverance, trusting in our effort and asking for help when necessary.